intelligenter Hausnotruf als Alternative zum Notrufknopf

The intelligent home emergency system

ellio is the alternative to the emergency call button. The innovative home emergency system detects inactivity of elderly people living alone and informs relatives on their phone in the event of irregularities.

ellio automatically informs family members, even if the person living alone needs help but is unable to press the emergency call button.

So, you can stop by to see if everything is alright and help.

ellio the intelligent home emergency system

One less thing to worry about

ellio consists of a small device, which is placed in a central location in the home where the person frequently passes by, like in the hallway or in front of the bathroom and an app for family members.  

If the person living alone no longer follows their regular routines, ellio sends an alert. With a push message in the associated app, relatives are informed about the inactivity and can take appropriate steps.

ellio detects inactivity

By means of sensors ellio registers data such as movement, temperature, light and sounds.

If these signals are not received within a specified period of time, the person living alone may be inactive and in need of help.

It is not necessary to wear an emergency call button on the body.

Overview family members ellio app
Easy to set up
Welcome to ellio
Setup ellio's keychain for aktivity tracking
set resting times
easy to use menu
Informs about inactivity
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The ellio app for family members

Having the assurance that relatives living alone are doing well.

Information about inactivity information about inactivity via push message & mail
personalised setup of the device individual time settings
add more family members adding of more family members
no smartphone needed for seniors seniors do not need a mobile phone
quick setup ready for immediate use
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ellio's scope of supply

ellio with emergeny call button the intelligent home emergency system with emergency call button
ellio app free ellio app for family members
Key chain for ellio key chain to detect absence from home
integrated call button extra emergency call button (optional)
ellio mit Schlüsselanhänger
Alternative zum Notrufarmband
ellio mit Notrufknopf
feel save with the home emergency call and family

Benefits at a glance

  • get notification on mobile phone, if something is not right
  • higher acceptance than classic emergency call bracelet
  • works even without an active call for help
  • calls the family and not an anonymous emergency call center
  • additional button for a call request on the device
  • an emergency call bracelet is not necessary
feel save with the home emergency call and family

ellio lets you know

If ellio does not contact you, there is no need to worry - the person living alone follows their daily routines. This makes regular control calls, just to check that everything is okay, unnecessary.

Good to know: No data is stored, the person living alone is not monitored and seniors do not have to wear or operate any technology themselves.

ellio is about the size of a light switch and integrates well into the living environment.

ellio the alternative to the emergency call button

ellio for homes with and without Wi-Fi:

ellio device Wi-Fi incl. app
299,00 € incl. VAT.
no subscription, no setup costs

ellio device cellular & Wi-Fi incl. app
389,00 € incl. VAT.
no subscription, no setup costs,
incl. data for 10 years

The intelligent home emergency system - the alternative to the emergency call button